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    Episode 5: Lost in base

    Chapter 1:

    There it is.

    Mecha, Ash, Misty, Brock and Stevens have made it to the third base. The second task at that moment was to find and arrest the criminals involved.

    Okay, lets get em, Ash suggested.
    Wait a minute, Ash, Misty warned. What if there are guards out there? There are chances that they would bring out the others.
    Good thinking, Stevens said. And I thought I was the detective.

    They sneaked near the base. It appeared to be unguarded.

    Quiet, Stevens said. Too quiet.
    We might as well scout the area, Brock said.
    Good idea. But make sure no one sees you.

    The group went into separate directions. Half an hour later, they made their way back to their spying place. All of them said that theyve spotted no guards.

    Im getting the feeling that this base has been abandoned, Stevens replied. But we should sneak inside the base, just in case. Any ideas?

    Strange, Mecha thought. Team Dark always has their bases heavily guarded. I dont like the look of this one bit. Still, if we do get a surprised ambush, Id like to see how Ketchum gets out of that situation.

    Theres this trash chute that I spotted, Brock suggested.
    Ew! Misty complained in disgust, not liking the idea of climbing up the chute. Does anyone else know another route, a clean one?

    Everyone shook their heads, much to Mistys disappointment. She turned to Mecha. Mecha, she said, sounding hopeful. You have been a Team Dark member before right? Dont you know another way in?
    Well, I didnt shake my head for nothing, Mecha replied.

    Well, Im not going in there, Misty said.
    Well, we could have you on the lookout, Stevens said as he placed his finger on his chin while thinking.
    Just dont let the bugs out here bite you, Mecha warned. Their bites sting a lot.
    B-b-bugs? Misty said being startled.

    Before she could let a loud scream, Ash ran over to her and placed his hand on her mouth just time before she could possibly alert the grunts from the inside the base. He hugged her, comforting and assuring her that he was there for her.

    Was it something I said? Mecha said in a puzzled tone.
    Misty hates bugs, Brock said. Its like Black Jack not liking Team Rocket.

    Knowing that she had no choice but to go with them, Misty let out a small sigh of irritation. Im not going to like this one bit, she thought.

    They found the trash chute, which was at the back of the base where Brock found it. None of them were enjoying the experience as they crawled through, with Misty being the most irritated as she kept on cursing their entrance route.

    The chute led them into room where it appeared to be a kitchen. Everyone was taking deep breaths as soon they have finished crawling through the smelly chute. Mecha quickly spotted a security camera on the kitchen wall and disabled it.

    He then walked over to a ventilator and tugged it off the wall. You guys get into this ventilator, he said, giving them the directions to the security room. I wont be able to fit in there, so Ill have to make it to the control room my own way.
    Wont the guards spot you? Stevens asked.
    As long as I have this metal arm, theyll see me as one the bases pokemon. If they try to call for help, Ill knock them out.
    Looks like youll get there first, Brock said. Its not easy crawling through those things.

    As soon as Stevens, Ash, Misty and Brock climbed into the ventilator, Mecha quickly attached the metal part on the wall. He then made his way out. He walked through corridors, hoping that no one would see him and he also avoided the sightings of the cameras along the way.

    Huh, he said. No ones here. Is this place really abandoned?

    He finally made it to the control room. As he opened the door, he found that his comrades made it there first.

    Mecha, Ash said. Did anyone spot you?
    Avoiding the cameras wasnt easy, Mecha replied. But I managed to avoid them all.

    They noticed that the entire monitor screens were switched off, meaning that all of the security cameras have been switched off.

    Somethings really wrong here, Mecha said.
    What do you mean? Ash asked.
    Why would a base like this be abandoned? Mecha said as he scatched his head.
    Well, it could be that Black Jack and the others might have destroyed the other bases. And after hearing that, the members of this base probably made a hasty retreat, Stevens answered theoretically.

    Surprise, surprise, law people, said a voice.

    Everyone quickly looked around, as they didnt know where the voice came from.

    Youre voice sounds lousy, Mecha joked. Hang up and call again.
    So, Mecha, replied the voice. What brings you here? Doing the laws dirty work?
    I work for nobody, I only work for myself, Mecha replied calmly.
    Of course. Im just calling to warn you that the grunts of this base would be returning to give you all a great big surprise.
    I knew it, Stevens moaned.
    You knew and you didnt tell us? Ash said with a frown.
    I apologies for ruining the surprise for you just act surprise when they get back. Tara.

    The speaker was then switched off.

    Theres two things to do, Stevens said. Im gonna set the timer here in the control room for thirty minutes. After Ive set it, we gotta get out of here. Got that everyone?
    Got it, everyone said in response.

    Mecha ripped open one of the controllers and Stevens placed the time bomb in it while setting the timer. Now! Stevens yelled. Go! Go!

    Everyone ran out of the room and made their way to the kitchen as quickly as possible. But to their shock, they saw the trash chute shutting itself up, making them unable to escape. No! Ash said. Mecha, if you secretly know more secret exits of this place, nows the good time to tell us.
    I cant, Mecha replied. The only we can do now is find it.
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