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Hello Everyone!
It is me Dave, The Co-owner of our club,
What I am going to about say is that
Thank you so much all of comrades of our club to help us achieve the so-called an impossible task. When this club was started, I didn't expected much from the club because me and My Comrade Allen were newbie in this new and so-called a foreign forum from my heart. But Allen told me not to lose hope even if the situation is too hard. But the overgrowing popularity made me to doubt my own thought, And when I was about to think it over again, We recieved Club of the Month Award and I thought that what the hell I was thinking about?? Allen never losed his hope and you guys also did not let his hope to break, that is why we achieved something. Although we are not in first place, but I am very happy that me and my comrade Allen and Your Club is sharing second position with Honorable Hyzenthaly, The Owner of the The Paradise: The Nature Club (You can curse me if I mentioned Wrong name). Because we Noobs are sharing a position with a more experienced senior of us, so it is a very big achievement for us. Thanks to Sam, er... I meant Honorable VisionOfMilotic for selecting our newbies club and that too forst time. At last I again want to mention all of members of the club for joining our club and making this Occasion happen. And for celebration Comrade Allen, oops! DJ Allen will breif in a few hours from now, I hope you won't be borrd by his speach as you are being bored by mine. So not waste time I am presenting this Grand Slyveon Silver Trophy to our club, Do whatever you want to do with it, it can be anything, like you can kiss it, lick it, punch it, play with it, or even Show off it to your friends as it is not only mine or my Comrade Allen's, You guys also deserves this trophy. I think that I must leave now because Totodile wants to Celebrate and he would be very angry and may land me up 5 miles away by his powerful water gun if I do not leave just RIGHT now!

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