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    Chapter 3

    The mysterious Team Dark grunt and his Blaziken stood calm and silent as they waited for Ash to call out his attack. The way this guys standing looks familiar, Ash thought while looking at the grunt.

    Go, Swellow! he yelled. Wing attack!
    Fire Punch, the grunt said calmly.

    As Swellow flew straight at Blaziken, flames engulfed on Blazikens paws as he charged at Swellow. To Ash and Swellows surprise, Blaziken ran passed the bird pokemon. A bigger shock came on Ashs face as he thought that Blaziken was going to attack him. But another surprise came on Ashs face again as Blaziken ran passed him.

    Ash looked behind him and noticed that Blaziken had caught something or possibly nothing.

    Blaziken swung his clenched paw forward and landed on someone or something invisible as it turned itself visible. It turned out to be another creature that looked like the previous attacker; only it had purple reptile skin.

    It fell to its knees, holding its hurt gut. As it looked up, Blaziken glared at him with his fiery eyes before giving him a strong punch to the face, knocking him out.

    Ash stared at Blaziken in shock and puzzlement. But how why he said in puzzlement.

    Always know who your enemies are, the grunt said, catching Ashs attention. He took off his cap to reveal his identity. That blow that Sceptile delivered to the first attacker was a real ace, Ketchum, he continued with a smile.

    What the Ash said in a shock. Black Jack!?! Where are the others and whats with the costume!?

    Sorry about that, Ketchum, Black Jack replied. The kids and I decided to take a rest for the night, so I went off for a little walk while the others took a nap, I spotted this base so I went inside. And the costume, good for entering and escaping.

    Ash then remembered what was also happening at that very moment when he called back Swellow into his pokeball. He explained the situation happening so far and that they must escape the building before the bomb explodes.

    Simple, Black Jack said as he took out another pokeball. Go! Tyranitar!

    He tossed out his pokeball and Tyranitar materialised as he became released from his pokeball. Blaziken! Tyranitar! Black Jack yelled. Smash that wall!

    Both of his pokemon ran and smash the wall, revealing a huge hole showing the outside of the building. Nice job, boys, Black Jack said as he held up two pokeballs. Return!

    Black Jack took a look at how high the ground was from his location, he then turned around to look at Ash. Its not that far down, Black Jack said. But if you have to, use your flying pokemon or use any pokemon that knows Vine Whip.

    Wow! Ash thought in an impressed tone. That was too easy.

    He turned around to make his exit. See you later, Ketchum, he said.

    He jumped out of the hole and landed on his feet outside the building. He then continued walking away, knowing that he would meet up with them at the final rendezvous point.

    Back at Ashs location, Misty, Brock, Stevens, Mecha and Pikachu finally caught up with him and noticed a huge hold on the wall. You made a hole! Mecha said. Why didnt I think of that?

    Good, Stevens said. We can now make our escape.

    Wait, Ash said. We have two injured pokemon here.

    His teammates looked at the two unconscious monsters lying on the floor. What are they? Brock asked in puzzlement.

    No need to worry about that now, Stevens said. We have to take them with us.

    Ash took out one of his pokeballs and tossed them out. Meganium! he yelled as he tossed it out. I choose you!

    A green dinosaur-like pokemon came out of his pokeball and yelled out her cry. Meganium, Ash said. Lace your vines around us and lift us down to the bottom.

    Meganium did as she was instructed as she laced her vines around everyones bodies. We dont have much time left, Stevens warned, referring to the time bomb he planted earlier. We only have one minute left.

    Despite Stevenss warning, Meganium and the others stayed calm as Meganium steadily placed the group on the ground floor of the outside of the building. Twenty seconds left, Stevens warned as he checked his watch.

    Ash immediately took out his pokeball and called Meganium back into her pokeball. Fifteen seconds left, Stevens yelled. Lets run for it!

    Everyone was running as far away as possible from the building, with the two mutated Kecleons being carried by Mecha.

    5 4 3 2 1

    The base exploded and everyone lost their balance, falling to the ground. They all picked themselves up and looked at the destruction of the base. They all sighed with relief as Stevens took out his cell phone and dialled a number on it.

    Pyrite Police Station, said a womans voice on the other phone.
    Detective Stevens here, Stevens said. Requesting ambulance from the pokemon center, reporting two inured

    He looked at the two monsters, wondering what they were. Pokemon, he finished.

    Make it three, Ash said. Sceptiles injured as well.

    Did you hear that? Stevens said. We have three injured pokemon.

    As the others took deep breaths after some running, Ash looked at the destruction of the base. Misty walked up to him and held him by the hand, catching his attention. They both exchanged smiles and then looked at the destruction of the building. Thanks, Black Jack, Ash thought, remembering one particular past event. I owe you one.

    Meanwhile, the shadowy figure was viewing a monitor in a dark room. They destroyed my third base! he snarled in frustration. He then smiled and let out an evil sjirachi. But still Ill have the last laugh and he who laughs last, laughs loudest.

    Next episode: Wes and his team visits a casino called the Big Texan, looking to find some clues about the Team Dark leaders plans.
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