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Chapter Six: Officer Jenny's Accident

Blizzard and Coals were fast asleep on the Pokemon Center floor. Suddenly a shrill whistle stirred them from slumber. "Wake up, fur bags!" Officer Jenny's voice boomed throughout the Pokemon Center. All eyes turned to her... something was different. Not just personality-wise, but appearance-wise too. What was different, though, will not be unfurled just yet. First, let's pan to Blizzard and Mandy, who were discussing the origin of the Requiem of Fire.
"It began just less than 25 years ago..." Blizzard began. "A young boy named Teko, who so happens to be my father, used the song to calm the legendary Ho-oh, who was rampaging and causing a mess of things in Pallet Town. Oh, what a hero young Teko was... his name spread throughout Kanto... he was a legend, he was. He says he passed on the song to the mother of a Mandy Shroce (pronounced Shroh-cee) which I assume is you. By the way, a requiem is a hymn or composition for the dead. It was used to ensure that the spirits of Fire Pokemon who passed on would have eternal peace in their resting spots. It also causes Fire Pokemon to enter a deep sleep, one only awoken by either a blowing whistle, or any contact with water." Blizzard paused, then said, "Do you understand, Mandy?"
She nodded. "Yes. My mother did mention this song had historical meaning..."
"And now you know." Just then Coals ran behind Blizzard, quivering. "Guys... seriously, you guys..."
"What? What's wrong, Coals?"
"Officer Jenny... she... she's... got four legs!"
"What are you talking about?"
"Turn around. Now."
Blizzard and Mandy turned around to face Officer Jenny. Mandy fainted, while Blizzard looked dizzy. (You know the centaurs, upper body that of a human, lower body of a horse? Well, Officer Jenny was... well, sort of an Arcanine-taur. Ask me for a picture if you're still confused.)
Blizzard snapped out of his confused state. He trotted up to Officer Jenny, stared at the four legs she had, and looked up to her. "Officer... Jenny?"
"What it is, furball?" She snapped.
"Is... that you?"
"Who'd you expect?"
"What... happened?"
"Let's talk about it outside." She started out the Pokemon Center doors, and Blizzard followed. She explained that she had been captured by Team Rocket and experimented on. She recalled that one of the leaders of her experiments was Teko Miyako. "You mean... my father?" Blizzard asked, stunned.
"Beko? You're Beko Miyako?" Officer Jenny looked just as stunned.
"Yes... long story. I'm sure the same for you."
"No one takes me seriously, with my freakish appearance and everything..."
"You're still just as great to me." Blizzard looked like he was pulling a Brock move on her.
"Thanks... I'm sorry for calling you a furball."
"Don't mind it." Blizzard turned away, and rubbed against Officer Jenny's front left leg. She sat down and Blizzard jumped in her arms and licked her face. It was the beginning of a new friendship... but what no one knew was that...

Author's Edit: Cliffhangers are fun! And how do you like my new avatar? I made it entirely in Paint.

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