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    Episode 6: Brawling and car chasing: Texan style

    Chapter 1:

    It was a few hours after one of the Team Dark bases was shut down in Andaa city, where Wes, Rui and others were. They were gathering at the entrance of the pokemon center, where Jenny received information from one of her informants via cell phone.

    What is it, officer Jenny? Rui asked.
    I was just informed that we could find some information from a spy working for us, Jenny replied. This spys named Ms. Laura Macey. Shell be performing at a nearby casino called the Big Texan.
    Laura Macey, Wes mumbled to himself.
    What was that? Rui asked.
    Nothing, just mumbling, Wes replied, although this didnt convince Rui as she had a suspicion that Wes might know this girl by the tone of his voice.

    Ooohh, James said excitedly after hearing the word casino. What to wear?
    Just stay away from skirts, James, Wes said with a bored look on his face.

    It didnt take them long to get a change of clothes and making their way to the Big Texan casino. James was wearing an orange tuxedo and sunglasses while his partner, Jesse, wore a beautiful light purple dress. Wes was wearing a black and white tux while Rui held on to his arm wearing a white tanktop with a black furry coat over it and black leather mini skirt, with Plusle riding over her shoulder. Officer Jenny came in wearing a tight purple dress and red high-heeled shoes.

    Nothing can beat the smell of money flying all over the place, James said gleefully.
    Either that or its the smell of senior citizens and bad smelling perfume, Wes replied, sounding unimpressed.

    In an office of the casino, a man in a Texan business suit and a cowboy hat sat at one side of a desk while a man in a black suit sat at the other. The man in the black suit handed over five photos, each containing faces of Wes, Rui, Jesse, James and officer Jenny. Under any circumstances, do not allow these five people to leave this place kill them while youre at it.

    Humph, the Texan said. Give me one good reason why I should do this in front of my customers and the public?

    The man in the suit placed a briefcase on the desk and opened it, revealing a huge neat pile of cash. Convinced, the Texan said, No one calls me Rough Jake for nothin. Heh heh.

    Wes, Rui, James, Jesse, and Jenny made their way to the barroom of the casino and a waiter greeted them politely. He led them to a suitable table that was big enough for five people and also had five chairs.

    As they sat down, a man in a suit walked up onto the stage carrying a microphone. Ladies and gentlemen, he cried enthusiastically. Welcome to the Big Texan! Now let me introduce to you, one of the most gorgeous ladies around, Ms. Laura Macey!

    Everyone applauded, showing their appreciation of the arrival of the upcoming performer. A beautiful woman walked up on stage, wearing a beautiful blue dress. How are you doin, you little cute growlithe? she said, sounding cute. Some of the men in the audience barked at her jokingly.

    If only Brock was here now, Wes said as he scratched his head.

    She started to sing using the microphone while the music was playing in the background

    Im going out tonight, Im feeling alright, gonna let it all hang out
    Wanna make some noise, even raise my voice, yeah I wanna scream and shout
    No innovations, make no conditions, get a little outta line
    I aint gonna act, a little precorrect, I only wanna have a good time

    The best thing about being a woman
    Is the provocative to have a little fun yeah

    As she came to the chorus, the back black curtain was lifted, showing a band full of men wearing black tight shirts, jeans and shoes.

    Oh, oh, oh, go totally crazy, forget Im a lady
    Men, shirt, short skirts, oh, oh, oh
    Really go wild, yeah, doing it in style
    Oh, oh, oh, get in the action, feel the attraction
    Color my hair, do what I dare, oh, oh, oh
    I wanna be free, yeah, feel the way I feel
    Man, I feel like a woman

    She took off her dress to show a more revealing outfit, making most men, like James, gaze at her dreamily. Jesse noticed this and nastily narrowed her eyes at him. Shes a big show-off! Rui said in an annoyed tone. Isnt that right, Wes?

    She turned her attention to Wes, but he disappeared. Where did he go? she asked as she looked around.

    Wes crept to the back of stage where other performers were getting ready to get on stage, mainly women. He spotted a man wearing the same attire as the other men in the band, holding a guitar and was ready to go on stage to perform his guitar solo.

    Wes couldnt believe his luck as he crept up behind the man and grabbed him from behind.

    Back on stage, Laura and the band were still performing the song.

    Oh, oh, oh, go totally crazy, forget Im a lady
    Men, shirt, short skirts, oh, oh, oh
    Really go wild, yeah, doing it in style
    Oh, oh, oh, get in the action, feel the attraction
    Color my hair, do what I dare, oh, oh, oh
    I wanna be free, yeah, feel the way I feel
    Man, I feel like a woman

    After she finished singing that part, Wes jumped on stage wearing the black attire, playing the guitar like a professional, and dancing at the same time. His team-mates were surprised to see him on stage, with Rui getting angry.

    Psst, Laura Wes whispered loudly, catching her attention. I gotta talk to you.
    What? Wes? Laura responded covering her microphone.
    Yeah, its something important, Wes replied, still playing on the guitar. Where can we talk?
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