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    Name: flare
    Age: 15

    Pokon: Typhlosion, Charizard, Flareon (flare), Vulpix, Houndoom.

    Personality: he is intelligent and quiet. He is friends with his pokemon but pushes them to train harder. Both my parents died in a car crash and all I have of them are their pokemon, who are all in my team except typhlosion who was my starter pokemon. I am a loner and my main aim is to be a powerful pokemon trainer.

    Description: dark blue eyes,black hair,fair skin. I have blue jeans and a black t shirt.i am quite strong and run each day. i wear ninjas clothes over my normal clothes and a ninjas cloak. my pokeballs all have the symbol of flame on them.

    Who you are taking over for: meowth.
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