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    Author's Notes: You don't like my story... so I guess I'll quit after this chapter... unless someone convinces me not to within 24 hours. It's sad, because I had really big plans for this... but oh well, you don't like it. Too bad for you, cause you'll never find out.

    Morning Three

    Dear Diary,
    I'm writing this as I serve breakfast to those kids who came to my house last night. I decided to ask their names and such. Their names were: Ash Ketchum, Brock Stone, and May... something. Anyway, I'd heard about Ash from a legend involving Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, and Lugia... and I knew Brock was the Gym Leader somewhere in Kanto... Pewter, I believe. May, I wasn't sure about... but it didn't matter. Our little conversation after breakfast played out like this:
    May had just finished her plate when she commented, "Excuse me, Mr..."
    "Alaite." (pronounced Ay-lay-tee) I finished for her.
    "Mr. Alaite..."
    "Call me Plasma."
    "Okay... um, Plasma, we couldn't help but notice your condition... does it have anything to do with Team Aqua?"
    "Aqua? No, not them. Magma."
    "Oh... um, Plasma, would you like to come with us on our quest?"
    "Huh? I couldn't... I have no Pokemon."
    "Yes you do... right there, behind you!"
    And I turned around, and sitting right there was my Espeon, Sunny. I forgot I had her, almost...
    "Hi, there, Sunny..." I started.
    "Who... who are you?" Her ears lowered as she looked at me strangely. "Plasma? No, wait, you can't be... unless..."
    "I fused with him by accident?" I finished.
    "Lance?? That's you? What happened to you?"
    I explained my predicament to her, detail by detail, then she jumped into my open arms and licked my face.
    "It is you! I'd never believe it but it's you!"
    Just then Ash decided to comment. "Your real name is Lance?"
    "Yes, Ash... See, I'm a scientist, and I..." As I was speaking, Brock interrupted. "We heard it all."
    "You... did?"
    "Yes, sir..."
    "We feel really bad about what happened." May added.
    "Please, if there's one thing you can do for me, don't feel sorry for me. That's all I ask."
    Ash, May and Brock nodded.
    "Say, where's Pikachu, Ash?"
    "Pikachu? Oh, he's in the garden..."
    "So, about your offer to take me with you... I accept."
    May raised an eyebrow. "Great! Let's get going, then."
    "Yes... did you hear that, Sunny? We're going on an adventure."
    "Yippee! It'll feel good to get out of the house again." She squealed.
    As I walked out of the house, behind my three new friends, and with Sunny in my arms, sleeping, I left on a new adventure with new friends...

    Lance "Plasma" Alaite

    Author's Notes: Brock's last name is Stone, right? Cause that's what I've heard...

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