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Day Three

Dear Diary,
The first day of adventuring with Ash, May, and Brock has ended. We've hit Oldale, and we're camping just outside of it. As I write to you, Sunny is rubbing against me, happy as she can be. I decided I'd catch a Poochyena, but not with my Master Ball. Sunny almost didn't make it, but she did manage to keep up long enough for me to bag my new friend. Howler, as I call him, isn't able to talk, but he doesn't need to: my half-Jolteon form is able to comprehend Pokemon speech. May seems worried I may electrify her, as I had to electrify a Taillow. I tried catching it, but it looked KO'd, and May beat me to the trigger. I suppose it's the least I could do... we are friends after all. She thanked me, of course, and I was happy to oblige. Of course, for every crowd of humans, there's one or two bound to notice the freaks in the world. And one person was dumb enough to do just that. Our little game played out like this:
"Hey, freak boy!" A voice called.
"Excuse me?" I sneered.
"What's it like being a living fr--" And I shocked him without hesitation. The guy was so distraught, he ran away, not saying a word, though I could hear him whisper, "I'll get you later, Pokemon-boy."
"What a weirdo. Don't people have any common sense?" May looked disgusted at the display of rudeness the man had shown.
"Relax, May..." Ash interjected.
"Yea, May, chill." Brock added.
"How can I chill when people are calling such a great guy a freak?" She looked about ready to explode.
"May..." I ran over and grabbed her, almost in a hugging embrace. She settled down, seeming entranced by me.
"Lance? You... feel the same way?"
"What, you don't mean..."
"Yes, Lance, I've got a crush on you."
"Wow. Same with me."
"You're half-Jolteon, but you're just such a great person..." And with that she kissed my cheek. I had stood up on my back legs, and I fell over, nearly on top of Sunny. "Hey, watch it!" Sunny yelled.
"Sorry, Sunny..."
"Aw, it's okay."
Brock looked like HE was about to explode. "I... am... so... jealous..." He said every word, seething with anger.
"Sorry, Ash... but seriously, why doesn't anyone kiss me?" May, hearing this, kissed Brock on the lips. He looked lovestruck, as he practically fainted.
"You're welcome!" May smiled as she told this to Brock.
"I'll... never... wash... these... lips... again..."
"You're so silly Brock. Uh-oh... I'm in love with you both. What do I do?"
"Take us both out alone and see which one you like best."
"But I'd hate to hurt your feelings... either one of yours..."
"Then don't decide just yet... your heart will guide you, May..."
"I guess, but..."
"Don't finish that, May. Please."
"Okay." She smiled, giving me a kiss on the lips. Once again, I fell right over.
It seemed a girl had a crush on me... despite the fact I looked like a total fool. How would it ever work? She was younger than me, and I just couldn't see me with anyone so innocent and good looking...
Well, diary, I'll have to wrap it up. It's been nice to write to you. Oh, and I'll write again tomorrow.

Lance "Plasma" Alaite

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