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    Author's Notes: Did I do okay with the legend? Because I'm not sure what you think.

    Chapter Seven: The Beam Heard 'Round the World
    As Mandy, Coals, and Officer Jenny walked down Route 1, on the move to Pallet Town, Blizzard sat in Mandy's arms, his ears twitching as he thought. "Jenny? Can I ask you something?"
    "Sure, Blizzard, what?"
    "You seem pretty young to me... is it true?"
    "Well, if you consider 17 young, then yes." She smiled as blades of grass crunched beneath her paws.
    "Only 17, huh? Hm... Mandy, just how old are you?"
    "Me? Oh, I'm uh... 13."
    "Really? But you only look 11 or so..."
    "Yea, well... looks can deceive, Beko."
    "Oh, I'm sorry, Blizzard..."
    "I don't mind, really... but-"
    "Hey, Beko, I'll race you and Officer Jenny to Pallet. Mandy, you can ride on Officer Jenny's back, can't you?" Coals interjected.
    "If it's okay with her... Jenny?"
    "That's fine." She nodded to Mandy as she got on.
    "Ready... set... go!"
    And so the three pals raced like their paws were on fire. Blizzard seemed like he was going faster, but really Officer Jenny was beating him by a longshot... suddenly, all three stopped as they passed Beko's house.
    "What was that?" Blizzard pointed his paw toward something in the sky.
    Meanwhile... up in the Rocket's balloon above our heroes...
    "Jessie, there they are! There they are, Jessie!" James seemed excited.
    "Hush up, James; they'll hear you!" Jessie warned.
    "Meowth, drop the net!" James ordered.
    "Meowth! Can do!"
    And with that he dropped a Pokeball of Teko's. It contained a Dragonair. Teko ordered his Dragonair to use Hyper Beam on the four figures below. She obliged, and when the Hyper Beam hit, our heroes went flying. Where they went flying to... is where our story continues for another time. Rest assured, our friends will have quite the adventure, wherever they go...

    To be continued in "Diaries of a Legend"...

    Author's notes: I only did Diaries of a Legend before this story intertwined with it. Be on the lookout for new adventures with Blizzard, Mandy, Coals, and Officer Jenny. Must dash! *runs off to write a new entry into his other story*

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