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    I don't recall ever hearing that you don't enter phases even if you don't do anything in those phases. It's running the same principle that you HAVE to go through standby phase whether you like it or not, and even if nothing happens during standby phase. Simply said, even if you don't do anything during battle phase, you still have to go through battle phase regardless, because the game does (I don't know whether Upper Deck does the same as Konami tho, since I'm going by Konami rules, this may be why we're differing).

    Rather than confuse a good number of people with the inverse (sorry, I misread it), think it would just be better if you just state something along the lines of "declaring attack during battle phase" rather than just entering battle phase (where I've just explained how the GAME itself counts that you have entered battle phase regardless). I think this is a great idea tho, since you can somehow force their attack and then use tricks like negate attack to rob them of their offense after.

    Anywho, the whole Yata's Inverse card is still a mess, with two completely unrelated abilities and unclear explanations on them (okay, one where it ends up being that the opponent has to dicard every turn anyway and the other confusing). Although by Upper Deck's standards this is a card they'd likely use, let's keep the standards a little higher.