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    Originally Posted by MetalMario
    P100! XD

    Yep, I was stalking the forums the whole time (well, since my last post, XP). The moment I saw Post #2475, the connection decided to go dead.

    To avoid off-topic-ness, I would like to congratulate everyone on their recent finds, and my regrets to CB for missing the Shiny Paras. Keep at it; effort train anyone you can find in Attack, and always keep a False Swiper handy!
    gaa... of all the SHC members who deserve first post on page 100... you'd be like infinityith on my list... mwahahaha... did that even make sense? o well, it was sarcastic and stupid anyway... so i guess it doesn't matter really. but, i've been playing emerald... and all the while looking for shinies. i wonder how it will look with the pokemon animation and the sparkles... very impressive i assume. but, in ruby i'm still looking for carvhana and feebas.
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