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    Originally Posted by rsgh5's friends list
    (the elderly ladies at the SHC!: akidatheart, LDD, and shuko)
    LOL, Hey shuko how do you feel about being called elderly? Is early 20's really that old? I think it's funny though. *laughs* I guess to any teen it is, but I act like I'm still a teen all the time, even have people who think I'm 15 just by my looks.
    Originally Posted by rsgh5
    I wonder how it will look with the pokemon animation and the sparkles... very impressive I assume.
    I put my Gastly over onto mine today, is cute the way it disappears. I should get into a link battle so I can see it from the other persons point of view on my TV, because to them it's like how we see wild pokemon. (You know from the front, not just on the stats screen.)
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