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Originally Posted by Takashi
found the pokeblock case, and also this isn't about shiny pokemon but I've seen people saying their paired up with someone or twins with someone whats that about?
there are pairing and twinning (is that a word?) threads. you go to those and ask if anybody wants to be your pair/twin. or, you can find somebody outside of those threads, and then you just go there to announce that you've been paired/twinned. pazzkat's my friend, and she has a huggggggggggggggggggggeeeeeeeeee crush on me, so she was begging to be my pair, so i said "ok". and andros and i run the power ranger club and talk on msn, so we're pretty good friends. so, we decided to get twinned. there are also rivals and evil twins... congratulations on new shinies!
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