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    Originally Posted by DragonTrainer
    Dude, I cannot wait until I get this game, it'll be so cool!

    So, how exactly do you get to play it with your gameboy?
    It's pretty much the same way you would play it with the GC controller. The only reason you use gba's for multi-player is because you constantly refer to the menu to change items, skills and such. The same is so awesome! I just got a mithryl shield and a rune sword so I'm kicking butt! Hehe....
    I'm the best toe-to-toe fighting character in my sister's and my group, but my older sister just got a design for a legendary weapon. She just needs one thing to finish the recipe (and a whole lotta money!) and then she'll be wielding a very powerful weapon.
    I have to say that the boss battles are the best thing in multi-player mode. It's so awesome to be able to fight together! We really rely on each other a lot. My little 6-year old sister casts a lot of spells (hehe...cute!) while my older sister likes to fight and heal, and I just fight to no end hehe.(although I do end up holding the chalice a lot...I get used to it)
    You shold enjoy this game DT, especially if you have a lot of friends to play with!
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