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    Originally Posted by MetalMario
    Stay away from the Rune Valley. Wobbuffet's the only thing that can stop Natu from Teleporting.

    You'll also want something to stop those suicide bombing Arab Geodudes. This would be Golduck, a Poli, or a Quagsire. Sandstorm can also be quite useful on Cradily or Quagsire for fleers/exploders, respectively. It won't do anything for Lairon or Geodude, the primary exploders, but it'll whittle down Pidgey's HP, since Cradily can't know False Swipe.

    Things that can pass Mean Looks would be of use, only the enemy might flee as you switch them in.
    Yeah I forgot about that, a Damp pokemon and a Trapper. Will update later wen I get home.
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