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we have guests here from out of town (they're all in bed now)... but i won't be able to come online much because they have little kids who respect me for some unknown reason... o well, so all of my free time is with them for the next half week. i won't be updating trainer cards until at earliest thursday, so please don't ask me to. and... i don't know that i've told you all about this... but my film group (thrive) is nearly done editing our religious/video game genre film! that's right, a kid get's into a game of tetris with satan that determines the fate of the universe. it's rad, i spent over an hour today making the title screens pixel by pixel (while at my friends house where i had no access to my trainer card materials, so don't think you can guilt trip me about my priorities!)... *groan* i'll make sure you all look at it once it's online! because i think it'll be our best yet. i hope to be back on soon, but until then, happy shiny hunting.
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