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    Hello everyone! I'm happy to say I'm back for a while to announce the progress of my new game: The Eye of the Storm.

    For those of you that don't know/remember me, I'm DarkMage31, ex-moderator and original founder of the game dev forum. Now that my ego is satisfied, to the nitty gritty details of my latest endeavor!
    The Eye of the Storm

    This is an action-stealth game where you choose to play as an agent from one of three agencies: CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), NSA (National Security Agency), or the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency)

    As a CIA agent you will be placed in a foreign country, given unofficial cover, and time to establish yourself as a trusted member of the community. Expect to be doing plenty of coctail party evesdropping. Perform well and you may be promoted up the ranks of covert operations to something more elite. Say, assassinations, or, the United States SAS?

    The NSA is chiefly concerned with SIGINT, aka cryptography. With the codes becoming nearly impossible to crack, national security could be in peril. A secret initiative called ICE (Infiltrate-Complete-Extract) has been formed consisting of the most elite solo convert operatives drawn from the the CAG (delta force) and other special ops groups. Their mission is to gain all SIGINT related data the old fashioned way without ever being seen.

    When you play as a DIA agent, expect to be dropped behind enemy lines to sieze battle plans and weapon plans.


    The path of the three agents will be intertwined throughout a politically-driven storyline.


    Yes, that's right. I have a video.
    Before you download, please read:

    This is
    a short 2:09 trailer showing the first footage of The Eye of the Storm and boasts a few of the features. A few quick notes: 1) The video quality isn't great. It'll be clearer when you play the game 2) The HUD is still a WIP (work in progress) 3) You may see some lag. You will not experience that in gameplay. I have the video capture software running in the background to thank for that. 4) The music quality isn't great. It sounds canny and recorded... because it is. I had to play it back on a computer different than the one I composed it on, so it doesn't sound like it does normally, but it's still pretty good. I have compressed the video in .rar format. Please go to and download WinRAR if you haven't already to open it. Enjoy!


    OFFICIAL WEBSITE: (screenshot explanations, music samples (my own compositions) characters, updates, more)
    Game site:
    DM's site: