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    Character Development, another helpful way to get the character of your dreams or just get help, up to you how you think of it, anyways:

    Welcome to Character Development (CD for short) where we, Ordinary members and moderators help you develop and improve your character, sort of like helping develop a better RPG plot, but for characters (Sign ups)

    The whole point of this thread is for you to post your characters, be it one or more and get help on how to improve them if you feel a bitwell uncertain of them.

    If you feel that you have overpowered them or are having a hard time thinking of a good personality or need help on description then do not worry, post your character here and get it checked over and a few tips on how to better them.

    Now this will work like a normal sign up, so you will need:


    At the very least, but feel free to add anything else you wish to have checked.

    This way, if you find yourself rejected from many RPGs because your Description is to short or Your character is over powered then post it here and get some extra help on your character development!

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