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    Name: Lance Constantine

    Age: 16

    Description: Always wears this: powder white pants, shadow black shirt and gloves, chestnut brown shoes, long crimson leather jacket which reaches to knees and is unclosed, and sunglasses. Has platinum hair, which hangs down to shoulders. His skin is a deep tan due to his heritage, and has fierce crimson eyes. Only thing that is from his parents is an odd piece, which he recieved from his mother (

    Personality: Has a sharp mind, intelligent, and mysterious. Tends to act cold and indifferent to those who are around him. Currently, he does not trust a soul alive, and lives as an outcast. But, with the right incentive, he might be able to trust someone. Due to what happened to him in the past, he is determined to drive this government into the ground and show them true fear for what they did. Has trained his Pokemon for many years, and has developed a link with them. His skill with a weapon and the way he acts depicts who he is.

    Pokemon: Metagross- Scizor- Kabutops- Skarmory- Gardevoir- Haunter

    Weapons: Has two swords and an extendable halberd.
    1st Sword-
    2nd Sword-

    Short Bio: This will be revealed as he goes through the story. For now, I'll only reveal a little bit. He is known as the Black Rose. This is due to the black rose which is found on every victim of his. So, he is an assassin trying to tear apart the government.

    Location of Origin/Side: Persia/ Against Government

    Any suggestions to help me out?
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