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    Detail, dearie, detail! The more detail you put, the better.

    Name: Eka Altima
    Age: 36
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: A rogue Jedi, he dresses in a black robe, green tunic with a white undertunic, brown leggings and black boots. He stands about six feet tall with prematurely gry hair grown past his shoulders and pulled back into a slim tail with a silver fastening. The silver choker he wears is a gift from his dead apprentice. He keeps two lightsabers on his belt, clipped to each side.
    Abilities: Force-sensitive, obviously. He is well-beyond skilled with the Light Side and is somewhat adept at the Dark. He's equally proficient with the use of either a single saber or dual saber, moving at blinding speed with either style.
    Personality: The death of his apprentice hardened him to almost everything in the world. He's grizzled and bitter, preferring to remain emotionally distant from everyone. Whe believes also that the force should be totally balanced and that there is no true Dark or Light side, only arbitrary divisions. Underneath the gruff exterior, though, there's still a remanant of the passionate, caring and just Jedi Master who fought for his own beliefs.
    History: Eka was expelled from the Jedi Order over a dispute over the role of the Dark Side and how Younglings and Padawans were to be educated about it. His loss was mourned, he showed great promise as a Jedi, having been placed on the council at 24. After storming out of the Temple, he went into a self-imposed exile near Naboo until he found a Force-sensitive girl, a little younger than he. He took her training upon himself and she showed great promise. The two also shared a romantic relationship until he returned from a mission one time to find the door of their home ajar. Their quarters had been ripped apart and his apprentice was slowly dying. He fufilled her last request when he took one of his lightsabers, placed the unlit end over her heart, and ignited it, ending her suffering. Since then, he's retreated from the glactic struggles of his own plane and has moved to the Common Plane to lead as quiet an existance as he may.
    Other information: N/A
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