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    yes, you did know that i was the owner. i've always been the owner here, back when you were pkmaster you always resented me for having authority what with your "i'm friends with everybody but you rsgh5", and all of your comments on how i'm so mean even though others made more fun of you than i did (i was unreasonably polite with you). i think you wanted to make the SHC yours so that you could lie for respect and not get thrown out... so very low... you weren't even a member of this club... gosh...
    so... if you would be so kind as to never post here again or try to close us down, it would be very appreciated. thank you.
    but in regards to getting the thread in a new place and under control of a current member (rather than a member who's left or a non-member) do people think it's that important? we now have no poll at the top so it's not that big of a deal. however, SGM hasn't been around and isn't updating the dex... so if people wanted to, we could recreate this thread or do one of those transfer things where all the posts get moved to a new topic started by me or another one of the higher members (i don't know how that works exactly, but if somebody clued me in and it was what the group wanted, then i would be willing to do it.)
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