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    Originally Posted by Latios Lover
    well for one i wasnt here for a mont i was at my grandmas and granpas for that time and my little brother did tht mr.rsgh5 ok so i might as well as apoligize for him sorry ok please forgive him he always uses my name and kicks me out of my own club if so kindly forgive him please andfor one im not pkmaster any more so never call me that agian ok and for part of the apoligy join rayquazas domain please and let me rejoin here agian please.
    LL, that was not your brother. Not unless he has the same exact grammar pattern as you. That was a low-down, dirty trick you pulled, and I can't believe you would stoop so low. And what's worse: you tricked poor Toto-kun into your little web of deception, and now he probably feels terrible for his honest mistake. That was cruel, pkmaster, and you know it.

    Sheesh. Well, back on topic. Still no shinies. I've been busy doing other things *flinches as the gasps of horror and anguish barrage her from every side* Lol! I've been making a sprite comic! It's loads of fun! Anyway, I'll keep hunting for shinies whenever I play my game. I'm not picky at this point. I'll take any shinies now... even a shiny Zigzagoon, lol!
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