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ya, that is weird... i fainted i think a grimer? and i was flipping out but then i found a shiny feebas and another zubat, so it was all good. and i'm with shuko. we ought to allow her back in if she promises not to lie anymore. however, i want to make sure that other members feel the same way, so i like the idea of a 3 day period to see what happens. so, here's what i think... if more than 3 of our long term people say that they don't want her back, then it's settled, she isn't allowed back in. if we do allow her back in: a) she must never lie to us again and,
b) if she puts one toe out of line she's gone (we'll be watching her)
i don't want to think about the kind of impact that a large group of people criticizing, putting down, and never trusting a young girl might have on her later in her life.
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