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    OOC: I dunno. I dun't even know if I intend to return to the past.

    IC: Celebi took the three safely out of the twig creature as it collapsed into the water. But something was wrong. Celebi seemed weak. The small Pokemon collapsed a foot from the ground. "Celebi?" But Celebi didn't answer.

    Diana, Towa, and White had all hurried over when seeing that they had escaped unharmed. "You did it. Oh. What's wrong?" Asked Diana.

    "I don't know. Something bad." Before their eyes Celebi became a cool grey color.

    "Quick get it into the water!" Cried Towa.

    Alana bent down and submerged Celebi in the water. Nothing happened. "What's wrong?"

    "The lake. It's dying." Said Towa sadly. Suicune joined them at that point.

    "Wait. Suicune can purify tainted water." Suicune nodded and leapt onto the water. Alana was surprised it didn't sink. The water began to clear and become crystal blue again. Suicune returned to shore and nodded.

    "Thank you Suicune." Alana knelt again and submerged Celebi in the water. But still nothing happened. "Why isn't it working?" Asked Alana in a shaky voice. She stood up and sat on the bank. "Celebi please wake up." She scooped some water into her hand and tried to pore it into Celebi's mouth. but the water just dripped down Celebi's chin. "Cel-ebi." Alana choked. A tear fell down her face. "It's not fair. It's not Celebi's fault!" She cried. "Celebi didn't want to destroy the forest. It didn't want to go through this!" A load howl came from somewhere. Pokemon were gathering. They howled again and cried for the lose of Celebi. Suicune raised it's beautiful head adn howled a deep rich note into the air. White's face was hard and Towa wa clutching her staff with both hands. Diana was crying too.

    Alana lowered her head and was about to give up hope when a strange sound emitted from the sky. A glow swept over them all and a portal opened. A Celebi appeared. Then another adn another. At least a hundred small green Pokemon soared out of the portal. Alana gazed in wonder. "They're Celebi from the future and the past." She whispered softly. Three Celebi floated down and a green glow surounded their fallen friend. They began to soar back upwards as more Celebi circled the dying Pokemon. The green glow became brighter and brighter until nothing could be seen inside it. But Alana knew something was happening.

    Celebi slwoly returned to it's natural color. It twitched then opened it's eyes. "Be? Be celebi!" It cried. The other Celebi nodded and began to disappear back into the portal. They nodded and smiled and waved then a burst of light and sound erupted adn when it cleared Celebi was speeding through the air towards Alana.

    "CELEBI!" She cried grabbing the small Pokemon. She hugged it close. "You're alright. I thought, I thought." Celebi nodded. Then it began to glow and another portal opened. It floated upwards and looked at Alana. Alana stood still. "What should I do?" She turned to her friends.


    Thought you'd see something interesting here, didn't ya? :D

    Finally Alyssa spoke again, her eyes locked on the ball in my hand. “That isn’t an ordinary Pokeball. We call it the Soul Ball. The Pokemon inside it is very special. It represents who and what you are at the very deepest level. It is essentially your soul in physical form.”

    “My soul,” I whispered, awe struck. “So that’s what you meant by my ‘soul companion’.”