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    Just before they vanish, I say loudly, hoping she can hear, "I will if he lets me! And take care of yourself!"

    I get crobat's pokeball and release him and climb on. "Let's follow Flareon, so I can keep my promise to Alana." I smile as crobat takes off after Flareon. It tries to give us the slip, but crobat's hard to fake out. We make it to town and find Flare.

    I jump off and recall Crobat. "Flare, I know you didn't wish to be followed, but wait, please? Alana decided to do some more travelling through time and promised she'll be back. So take heart, OK?"

    I lay a hand on his shoulder the same way I laid my hand on Alana's. "She also made me promise to keep in touch with you, and I never break a promise."

    Actually, that was partially a lie since she didn't make me promise, but, I did promise none the less, and I don't break promises.

    "So, the best way I know to keep in touch is to travel together. How about it? I promise I won't be nosy or anything. I'm a private person myself."

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