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    The new born lied on it's back, it's bright blue eyes wide with wonder at this new world. 'Rrew?' it laughed, looking up at it's mother, a grin on it's small, pink, catlike face.
    This beutiful little mew would have amazing adventures in the near future.

    The sight was beutiful. Mew was leaving to start his own life, in Hoenn, and was now over the mountains. Their snowy peaks were such a pleasure to see. He flew down and landed on one. It was huge. He'd never been on a mountain before, and from so high up before, the tops had looked like pinpoints. He liked being on his own. Free to do whatever he pleased, to see the world alone and stop when and wherever he wanted to. As he stared over the seemingly endless mountain range from his snowy perch, he noticed a large grey figure flying straight toward him. As it got closer, Mew could see what it was. Aerodactyl! His mother had told hime terrible stories about the aerodactyl, and as she told them, she would draw pictures of it in the sand, that looked remarkably like the creature approaching. Mew hid under the snow. It was cold but probably better than the jaws of the winged beast, Aerodactyl. It landed near Mew. It snorted, it's nostrils steaming, and sat down, almost right on top of Mew.
    Mew shivered, partly from being cold, but mostly from fear.
    "Chh!" Mew sneezed, quickly covering his nose. "Hrrrrm?" Aerodactyl growled questioningly. It spotted Mew's tail poking out of the snow. It roared, and grasped Mew's tail in one of it's mighty talons, pulling him up from under the snow.
    Mew scratched and bit Aerodacyl's foot, but it would not let go of his tail. Mew's eyes glowed an icy blue, and a light of the same color surrounded the confused Aerodactyl as Mew outstretched his small arms. He put his paws together, and Aerodactyl let out a roar, and dropped to the snowy ground. Mew never knew that he could do this. He was amazed. He just couldn't beleive he had this kind of power. He felt much safer. He flew at full speed back into the sky. He wouldn't stop like this again, that was for sure.
    He formed a large pink bubble around himself, just in case Aerodactyl was following him. He had been flying for about five hours now, when he was abovea large jungle.
    He felt a strange force pulling him down. He thought at first he might be tired. He let himself fall, being sure tomake a bubble to land on before hitting the ground.
    When he landed on the large bubble, and bounced off onto the ground, he looked around. It was dark, green, hot, humid, and moist. He felt his fur becoming wet and matted from the condensation in the air. He was exsaughsted, and decided to find somewhere to spend the rest of the night. Something was not letting him fly,
    so he gathered some ferns, and mosses to make a nest among some large tree roots. He put all of the plants in a pile between two large roots. He lie down on them, and fell asleep. As he slept, a pack of six dark colored creatures, and a purple one gathered around him. A pale purple light surrounded him, and his was lifted, still asleep, off the ground. He awoke hours later in a woven grass hammoc, in a gazibo made from logs and leaves. Mightyenas frolicked outside in the pouring raing, and an espeon slept in the gazibo, near Mew's hammoc. A man looked over at him from a chair in the corner. He had been carving something into a square slab of stone. He was dressed in tribal clothing-a feathered headdress, and a rather long kilt with strange markings on the front. "Hello, little one," He said, his voice was deep and kind, "Do you know why youre here?" Mew shook his head. "My fearow saw your battle with Aerodactyl on the mountain," The man said, "And yes, little one, we can understand what pokemon say." he continued. "No I don't. Why am I here?" Mew asked. The man stood up. "Dragons. Aerodactyle, Charizards, Salemence... They've been terrorizing our poeple for decades. They want our power source, the Thunder Crystal." He said. "Thunder Crystal?" Mew asked, "what's it for?"
    "It puts out special waved that allow us to talk to pokemon, it keeps us healthy, and it keeps plants and trees constantly growing, weather they are cut down, or not." The man replied. "Wow...It sounds amazing!" Mew said, excited. "By the way, what were you doing to that rock?" Mew asked, pointing toward the stone slab that the man had been carving. The man walked over and picked it up. He showed it to Mew. On the slab was a strange, but beutiful picture of Mew. There were strange shaped under the picture, that appeared to be some sort of strange language. "What does that say?" Mew asked. "It says 'The hero of our village.' " the man replied. "But I haven't done anything yet..." Mew said bewildered. "Yes, but you will. Espeon has seen it." The man replied, pointing to the espeon in the near Mew.

    Mew became accustomed to life in the jungle over time. In fact, he decided to stay here rather than find a home in Hoenn. He discovered many new abilities during his occasional battles with the dragons. Including his faveorite, the ability to transform. He often took on the shape of a young man. It made work easier, and it was always an interesting experience. Though in his human form, he still had his tail, making him seem suspicios to explorers. He never said anything to people outside of the tribe, though, as he could not speak like a human.
    Generations of tribe members came and went over the next 200 years. Mew kept the stone slab that the man he had met long ago near him when he slept. Soon, all dragons that knew of the Thunder Crystal had been vanquished. As the years went by, the people of Mew's tribe began leaving to see the rest of the world. by 1214, all members of the tribe had gone but Mew. He decided to leave, but first take on more stroll around the abandoned village. He noticed a wall with a large gap-the gap was the perfect size for the stone slab. He walked up to the gap and placed the slab in it. The slab glowed, and sealed itself into the gap, becoming part of the wall. Mew smiled and walked off. He went to where the Thunder Crystal sat. He picked the beutiful blue and gold jewel up, and put a string throuch a small hole in the top. He thought for a moment. He decided not to keep it, and put it back. He transformed back into his true pokemon form, and left the old village. He would be forever free-forever roaming. He shot off into the sky. Thoughts of his past raced through his mind and tears filled his eyes. He stopped days later over a small town. He flew down for a closer look. Rapidash trotted through the streets pulling bread carts, and dirty little children ran after each other, laughing and screaming, their mothers close behind. It was odd, but not too interesting to Mew. He flew on. He roamed for thousands of years, seeing the development of towns, and even meeting new people in his human form. One day he found himself close to his old village. He flew down for a closer look. He floated around where he had placed the slab so long ago. The slab was now hard to see, and covered in vines. A tear trickled down Mews cheek as he remembered the friends he had in the village so many years ago.

    (I dunno, I just felt like making myself cry when I wrote this... ;; )
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