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    Originally Posted by frostweaver
    i suppose i like Lorelei the most... fellow ice type trainers

    (plus she's too cool in Pokemon MASTER. Btw if you haven't read Ace's Pokemon MASTER fanfic yet, you're missing out... it's a fanfic in the ranks of the real book: LOTR and HPotter in my opinions)

    how come so many ppl like Lance? He's just a stupid cheater... *curses Rock Sliding Aerodactyl and Barrering Dragonite*
    *cries* I luv Lance! He's soooo hot! ;; But still, frosty, ur my homie! *pats frosty again very hard accidentaly, as always CaRtOON picks him up and dusts him off* Sowwy, again.. ;;;;;;

    I luv Lance, Steven, Karen, and Will! Karen and Will should get together in my opinion! O.o;; Don't ask why, I just think they'd look cute together. ^.^

    I'm just so crazy about Lance! XD I want him! *whines and dances away*