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i see flareon appear and see al and crobat.i sigh."flareon return." al puts his hand on my shoulder and tells me about a promise." that may be but i wil live alone from now on. good by."i shake hi shoulder off and run away .i get into the forest and make myself lost and unfollowable. then i find the outer skirts and release houndoom. i climb onto its back and pat its head."lets go. im gonna make some change in my life old friend."i look at the ground sadly and sigh and we start running into the night.
Where there is hatred, offer compassion.
Where there is hurt, offer healing.
Where there is anger, offer peace.
Where there is confusion, offer guidance.
Where there is detachment, offer understanding.
Where there is depression, offer hope.
Above all, where there is death, bring life.