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    Name: Paige
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Paige tries to be polite but she is extremly shy, timid, and distant. In battle she becomes a much more confident person in battles she is also ruthless and unfeeling. When people get to know her she can become extremly easy to manipulate and extremly ditzy, but she does not let anyone except her brother get to see that side of her.
    Description: Paige has long (down to her ankles) dark brown hair that is often considered black, she ties it up ino two ponytails. She wears a red shirt that is way to large for her, she also companies the shirt with a pair of baggy blue jeans. She wears a pair of worn out sneakers and a pair of balck fingerless gloves to protect her hands and feet. She carries around a black messenger back pack that is often flung over one shoulder. Her eyes are a deep shade of brown, and her skin is pale but has a slight tan to it. She is 5 '2' and often wears a pair of celtic knot earrings.
    History: Paige was always bullied because of her lack of confidence so her brother often stood up for her, so she has a brother complex and would do anything for him. Her parents died for reasons she is still unsure of. She will distance herself away from people because she was hurt so much when she was younger. Paige stayed out in the wilderness for a wile so she is very dependent on nature.
    Pokemon: Pichu (male, on her soulder), dragonite, horsea, absol, cubone, vulpix, a cindauil follows her because she saved it from and abusive owner.
    Other: She talks to her pokemon and to inanimate oblects because she says they don't whine as much as people do. She is extremly afraid of needles and of loud noises. She absolutly loves the rain and grass.
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