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1. May was never into Pokmon in the first place, but Ash was when he started, so I'd say that they'd be about the same if May had SOME knowledge of Pokmon!

2. May really never wanted to have Pokmon battles, just to travel. After finding out about contests, she was hooked on being a Pokmon Coordinator.

3. I'm suprised he didn't attend the school full time, but yes, he only went for one class for a day.

4. May is the girly one (shopping, clothes, buying stuff in general...) and Max is the knowledgeable one (almost like Brock)

Now for your questions...

1. I will have to kill somebody if May were the new Misty if my head doesn't suddenly explode!!! May has way too much in common with Ash and I think that ruins the whole point of a relationship!

2. Well, both like food (Brock said almost like Ash? I really think that Brock would have to bring a truck to fill those supplies!) and Pokmon after a while. May seems to have almost no tolerance of walking and Max hates admiting he's wrong.

3. Max joined because his sister went with Ash. I think that May and Max sorta have to be together since their personalities sorta balance each other out; they can't be on their own. (curse English class for teaching me this!!!)
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