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    (Hello again everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates for a few days, heres another one! ; )

    No one will ever believe me.... Chris thought with his head under his pillow. His eyes still hurt alittle. He tried to figure out how that Abra did that. Abra's only know psychic like moves. Maybe it was an illusion and chris only THOUGHT his eyes hurt. Chris moved the pillow from his face and opened them. No, they really hurt. And he TOOK MY SPOON! Chris didnt know why, but that spoon being gone just made him mad. Why would it want it? Abras never attacked people. They sleep too much TO attack something, let alone, a human.

    Sighing, Chris rubbed his eyes again and moved to his computer. He started writing in his journal. He's been writing in it for as long as he's had the computer, which is only a few years. Typing out everything that happened, he saved it, and then turned off the monitor. Someone yelled his name. It was his mom yelling for dinner. Bleh, I'm not hungry... Chris thought as he moved from his room and made his way to the kitchen.

    "Hey kid. I picked up some pizza on the way home from work so, eat up." His mother said as she picked up a slice. Well, I can have a few pieces.. Chris thought to himself. "Ok mom, thanks." He said as he grabed a few slices and went back to his room. He ate his pizza, then moved to some books be brought home from school. It talks about psychic pokemon. He read that in battle, abra's don't really attack, but use the inviroment. By teleporting infront of objects and leting the opoments(spelling) hit them and hurt themselves. Pretty smart Chris thought. They also did ALL of this in their sleep. Pretty cool stuff. It was told that its rare for an abra to use its powers so much that it evolves, but once it does, it becomes a Kadabra. These pokemon can even speak to humans via ESP in their mind. Maybe thats how the abra did that huge flash.
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