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    Come here to sign up for Bounty Hunters: A New Beginning. It's a Star Wars RP where the whole star wars galaxy is blown wide open in a bounty hunter marathon. Nothing and no one is safe from these skillful hunters, anything counts as bounty and can be cashed in to save up for bigger and badder weapons.

    The goal? To become the best bounty hunter in the world.

    The rp starts in a Bounty Hunter Academy, where you must first undergo the rigorous training of a 3 month long boot camp. Then you are free to go and bounty whatever you can catch...that is...if you can catch anything at all.

    Bounty will be posted here weekly and statistics on who is in the lead, as far as money earned, will also be posted weekly. When the rp starts, I'll post the starting values for most of the races, races not mentioned the prices are subject to change. A list of all the members and their characters will also be posted on this post as well. Happy Hunting!

    About Bounty
    The starting bounty is not the only bounty, if you capture any other race or animal, even plants, they can be cashed in, it's just the BHA isn't looking for that particular creature yet. More bounty will be added and subtracted as we go along. Please keep in mind that the higher the price the harder the creatures are to capture or kill. Like Tuskian Raiders are hard because they are pack creatures, so it'll be hard not to get killed while taking one or two. Same with wookies, except well...they are monsterous in proportion, so it'll be tricky to even get one down.

    Occasionally the bounty title will have "Bounty Hunter" please keep in mind that all bounty hunters registered with the BHA are protected, allowing bounty hunters to team up.

    Killed bounty cost 50 points less than what they would be alive. Posted is the alive price. Once we get rolling, you can turn in your points for cool stuff.

    Before you ask me, Ewoks are highly pointed, because catching one is difficult. These's primitive creatures are super resourceful, and are capable of wielding weapons as well as booby-traps, and explosives.

    Please also note, that Bantha's are highly priced to intrigue bounty hunters to go for the higher stuff. It'll be lowered when more people join, or when the rp really gets rolling. So please, no questions about it. I did it on purpose.


    Race: Can be clone or druid as well.
    Description: Two seperate descriptions. One for out of bounty suit, and one for in bounty suit.

    Bounty Hunters
    120-357 (Sharp) - Raichu Master
    Aamos Tark Ivory - Manectic_chief
    Allesandro Nameith (Ozy) - The Adamant Dodger
    Ryu Taishi - Etneri
    Unoi Avenia - Shiney

    Jedi Master - 500
    Bantha - 350
    Jedi - 300
    Jedi Padawan - 250
    Wookie - 250
    Ewok - 200
    Tuskian Raider - 200
    Zabrak - 150
    Jawa - 10
    Gizka - 5


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