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Name: Unoi Avenia
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Race: Zabrak
Personality: Usually calm, and uncaring, but not cold. Occasionally, his warmth gets in the way of being a bounty-hunter, but he usually overcomes it. He was once a rising beacon to the other pilots of the imperial inquisition, but for unexplained reasons, he took his TIE-interceptor, and on a routine patrol, dissapeared, to a planet where he had his appearance changed, and cannabalized his parts into a custom starfighter.
Description: In his out-of-bounty suit, you'd never think he was anything special, wearing simple boots, a cold weather jacket of a matching tan color, and a form fitting undershirt. When he's in bounty-suitm, however, you can be very, very afraid. A full covering of dark green armor, almost black, with several modifications that only he knows, that make the armor almost cybernetic.