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    Name: Aamos Tark Ivory
    Race: Human
    Age: 25
    Planet: Naboo

    Personality: Very calm, patient, almost never talks, he's aggressive, is silent and very precise, making him the perfect stealth killer, he's also mastered a number od martial arts, great pilot, he used to be an elite imperial trooper, but then he realised that serving a dying and seemingly pointless empire would drag him to its death too, so he stole some gear, modified it, and became a bounty hunter, feeling he would be better off that way
    outside the suit is a scary man, tall, always dressed in black, white hair, and armed, but that doesn't compare to his suit, silver colos, rechargeable shields, strength enhancer, the suit's helmet is fully reflective, so no one can see him, the suit itseld's designed to inspire fear to the enemy, yet it's lightweight to enable agility
    Weapon of choice: custom made wrist energy sword, more manouverable than the lightsaber, custom made laser pistol
    Aircraft:The Shadow, is a mixture of nubian, rebel, and imperial fighters, fast manouverable, well protected and with a special invisibility feature
    Yo! I'm manectric_chief, but you can call me "Daddy"

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    I'm a Manectric-aholic, yeah I know, at this probably started running away from me, right?but hey!, I'm a nice, normal guy, Really!
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