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CC: You're a mod now? *sweatdrop* eh I dont know what to say. Uh, hope you dont abuse your powers and be a fair mod. We do need new mods but O_o that was unexpected!
Clair: ahem, what she is trying to do is to congradulate you. She's just a little shocked. She used to-
Clair: oops. Actually maybe she still does. Well anyway, I just hope you keep your PokeCommunity username because "Elite_Trainer_Raven" is such a hot name!
CC: *glares*
Clair: dont fear Crystal, she's just a little jealous you're mod now.
Clair: if you're not then say what you came to this thread to say
CC: Cccccongradulations, EliteTrainerRaven.....I hope I can appreciate you that you'rrrre a....*faints*
Clair: Sorry, ETR, I'll take care of Crystal. And it'd be nice if you referred to me as Clair and not Ibuki.
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