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    (Ok, I was kinda stumped for a few days on where to go next, but I got it now )

    {Another note, anything like this Are voice/s inside Chris's head. }

    He was back. The Same dream. Every night. Why must it keep coming back! Wait, it was alittle different. There were only 5 pokeballs around him. And they were all different colors and types. He noticed an ultraball and netball, but the others, he didn't know. We are almost there Chris. Soon I will be powerfull enough to evolve, and then, we will beable to beat them. You will be the master..... The voice in his head said. It didnt sound plesent. And it was laughing now. A very light laughter. He looked around. He couldn't beleave it. There was atleast 7 abra around him. Floating around him. Their eyes were open. All looking at him.


    He was siting up in bed. His hands over his head. He was crying.

    "Why won't they go away...." He cried softly, tears falling onto his bed.

    Why do you cry Chris Carter?

    Oh no. It was the voice again. He must be going crazy, it can't be real.

    "Leave.....Me.... Alone...." Chris said softly, not looking up.

    Oh, I would, but why would I want to? You gave me something I needed... I want to repay you. The voice said.

    "I didn't give you anything, leave me alone. I can't hear you...." He said again, this time slowly looking up, afraid at what he would see.

    Oh bosh, don't be so scared boy. I'v watched you. You'd handled must harder pokemon than me in your classes...

    It was the abra. The SAME abra. Chris knew it. It was holding Chris's spoon. The abra's eyes were open. A blue light was coming from them.

    "What did you do to me eyes still hurt..." Chris said, trying to not look away.

    Oh... Well, with the spoon, I had a sudden burst of engergy, and I felt the need to let it out, and I also thought it was a bad idea that you caught me trying to take the spoon, so, I used a move called 'Flash'... Its just a bright light, don't worry.

    Flash? Chris thought. That was a rare move for pokemon. Very usefull while on journeies for trainers, to help light their way in the dark.

    Thats right. You DO study. The abra said as it slowly tilted its head to the side. I think I'll be going now. You need sleep. Goodnight Chris Carter.

    And with that, abra's eyes lit up slightly, and then, he was gone. Chris could do nothing but sit and look at exactly that. Nothing.
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