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Yea, I like the whole 'Be a Master' thing, it wouldn't be pokemon without it! But there should be more of a plot ont he side, other than TR, or TM, or TA doing something bad... Maybe have a character or two follow you around? And help you during Double battles? Ohh I thought of a system a long time ago, but I think it'd be too complicated to use, and make the game much more time-consuming....

Have 3 characters, each has a different goal...

Character 1-Wants to be a pokemon Master
Character 2-Wants to be a... Contest Master? Haha
Character 3... Um... I'll figure something out XD

And then each character can have up to 6 pokemon. In order to change which character you want to control, all you have to do is select them from the Start Menu, and then you control that trainer's pokemon during battle, and any pokemon caught belong to that trainer... This would result in up to 16/24 pokemon at a time! (I'm starting to think a third character is unnecassary, lol) But if you want to do even training, it would take a lot more time, and gym leaders would either be too hard to beat, or their pokemon would be at very low levels... So that's an idea, I don't know if it's any good, but it's a thought!

EDIT: And do something to have more of an emotional bond with your character... How do they do it in other RPGS?
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