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    Well... This is something I have been planning for a while. I can't hack, I have tried, and it's not in my wide range of skills. I will let a hacking company that has worked on other good projects take this project over (with me guiding the project), with my permission of course.
    You are the hero, living in a normal town. One day, you are told to run an errand by your mom. On the way to the next town, to deliver a package to Prof. Fern, you bump into a Pokemon. This Pokemon is blocking your way to the lab, and you turn to run. The Pokemon chases you all the way back into the city, and you run back into your house. Your mom calls Professor Fern, and the topic comes up about being a Pokemon trainer. Of course, you character has always wanted to be one, so you gladly accept.
    On your way back to the next town, you meet Professor Fern. She takes you to the entrance of the town, where the Pokemon is waiting. She gives you a choice of three Pokeballs. Inside are the three starters, Lea, the grass starter, and the water and fire starters. After you choose, you end up fighting the Pokemon. You win, your rival (who is the opposite gender) comes to see their mom (the Prof.) and blah, blah...

    The object of the game is just like a normal one- defeat the gym leaders and the Elite four. But as you beat gyms and unwravel more of the story, you hear more about the legend of Tuatetaru.

    Tuatetaru was the first Pokemon to experience death. Angry and vengeful, he returned to life using his powers. The Old Legendaries used their powers to seal him away within the continent, using 5 different shrines to hold parts of his body- his arms, tail, chest, and head. Each shrine has a seal that can only be broken by a different Old Legendary, and each shrine is element-themed.
    Tuatetaru's third eye is a magical object of power. Once every year, on the Day of Darkness (which the people of the continent of Silva, the region that the story takes place in, believe is the unluckiest day of the year), Tuataru's great eye opens. It causes natural disasters to occur, but it's true purpose is to search out a pure-hearted human (your rival). When the day ends, Tuatetaru's eye closes and his search is over.
    When Tuatetaru finds what he is looking for, he will be able to enter the region of Silva and wreak havoc.

    An evil team (yet to be named) thinks that by breaking the seals of the shrines, they will gain immense power. Their leader told them this because he is the great and evil Tuatara man, who is determined to awaken Tuatetaru. The evil team uses Evil Seeds to turn the Old Legendaries evil. Once turned evil, these Pokemon can only be caught by a Light ball (Like Master Ball, they turn good after being captured). There are only 4 Light Balls in the world, meaning that the person who plays the game will have to skip catching one of the Old Legendaries. Tuatetaru is caught at the sort of same time as Kyogre and Groudon in R/S, before the league.

    New EVERYTHING. New region, new map, new routes, new Pokemon (No old ones).

    That's basically the plot... I will get the Pokemon I have already made and sprited up soon... but for now, post your comments on the plot and ideas.

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