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Okay. Converting first.

Ken 4R
Legendary Creature - Streetfighter
Streetfighters get +1/+1
Discard a card at random: Ken deals 2 damage to target creature or player.
Uncommon ...Rare you mean...

To begin, it's a 6/4 for 5 beatstick with a game-ending ability. Yup, more powerful than the slogger (as to be expected from the legendary clause I added). For that, just deleting the "streetfighter" clause and make it a 6/4 should make it geet down from brokenn stage. If it should still be too powerful, add R to the cost of the ability.

Cloud Strife 6W
Legendary Creature - Hero
First Strike
When Cloud Strife comes into play, remove all artifacts from the game if you played him from your hand.

....sure I'm too lazy...