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Actually, I'm waiting for Skye to post. Cause my character is trying to rescue her character from being kidnapped by a dragon that is flying away. So I have to wait because I'm following Skye's lead, since I don't want to skrew up whatever is she's planning.

Yes it'll be an awesome rp indeed!

Rp legend Nat? We'll see about that one. Then only legends here who have guarenteed a spot in PC history are TAD, me, and Shiney! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Don't worry, I was the most horrible of the horrible rpers when I first started out. You get better with alot of practice, and I mean ALOT! I right little short stories when I'm not rping to keep me in shape. To be a great rper one must exercise his or her imagination so the person doesn't get rusty!

Hard part? It's when I'm braindead, and so far I haven't posted a single post under 3 paragraphs and then it finally happens! That gets sooooo frustrating! I have to go back and edit it when I have some thought, or it stays on my conscience. Another hard part, is waiting for people to reply when they aren't on and I have nothing to do in the meantime.

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