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    This is basically a thread for entering apps. or to recruit members for your game. This thread is for only app.s. No discussions please. If you wish to recruit someone, please recruit them threw PMs please. Or if you wish to help a specific game, and like someone's game idea, please also do that threw PM as well. I'm just trying to keep the thread tidy, so please help to do so.

    Basically, if you wish to offer your services to others post based on these lines:

    1.Speciality: (mapping, plot desigining, coding, etc.)
    2.Example of your work: (screens, text, sprites, etc.)
    3.Reason why you wish to help: (nothing long, something simple)

    If you wish to recruit other members for your game, post based on these lines:

    1.Type of game you're working on: (RPG, puzzle, etc.)
    2.Example of your work: A short demo/ screens must be included.
    Note: The demo should include at least one kind of 'special' event.
    Spc.Ev example: A short cutscene of how the hero started his journey.
    3.Speciality: (mapping, coding, etc.)
    4.Approx.Date of when you started the game: (Be truthful)
    5.What you're looking for: (optional

    One more thing: If your app. post gets old, but you want to apply for a newer game, just post the URL of the that you first made. Don't post the same app. again please.

    If Dawson and I think that your app. is below standards we'll delete them so, show some effort!

    These are just some rules that I thought would keep this thread reasonably tidy. They could be changed later.