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    Shikou Sakka, I think we have a slight problem. There are 3 Pokon in there that Absol Attacker designed for my fan-game. Now, I am sure that he didn't realise he gave you those, but technically he customally made them for me. The blue trumpet elephant, the green dinosaur with leaf, and the electric panda beneath it. Now, if you would contact him and ask him if AbareMax was technically the owner of those sprites, then he would tell you 'yes.' Now, even though I did not create the sprite, the art design was all mine, so yes they belong to me.

    I am not starting a fight, by any means, or accusing you of stealing. Absol Attacker probably did not realise what he did. I am sure it was an accident. If you would remove those, then this thing could be settled without any problems.


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