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    Well, I might be repeating someone else here, but the way I see it:

    RP: A story created by a group of people getting together and improvising based on a setting and general plot created by RP master. Everyone gets to contribute to developing the story in the direction they want although the RP master holds a 'Veto' right. Only the most inexperienced RP masters abuse this right though...

    RPG: A game with a set-in-stone plot in which the player is forced down a pre-determined path decided by the creators of a game, although smaller decisions are usually allowed. The story has already been written and you are simply reviewing it without actually contributing any of your own.

    Both forms are enjoyable in my opinion. RPing allows greater personal freedom and leaves room for creativity whereas an RPG gives you a ready-to-go story to enjoy without having to worry about inventing a plot.
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