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My character!

Starter Pokemon: Squirtle (Splash)
Status: Trainer
Age: 10
Height: 4'5"
Weight: 60 lbs
Hair: Long, brown, tied in a ponytail
Eyes: Gray blue, scar over one eye
Personality: Cold, Quiet, Intellegent, Loner
Artwork Done By Others in Requests or Fannart

OMG!!! Thank you Sakuyamon!!! You're art is cool! Thanks for the request.

Flying through the air, with my Skarmory, but the curse has fallen upon me, trapping me into a Demon Umbreon's body at night. Running with red pelt and black rings shining in the moon.
Soaring through the air when it is day with Steel Wing...
I live the cursed life.


ScArLetSkye- Yay! My first bud!
The King of Water Pokemon- I know him on another forum. He's the moderator there. *grin*
Dragon_Master- Wow, almost a month old here and I got three friends! *glomps*
Legendary_Pokegirl- I know her through RP. We RP together. :-D