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    OOC: I'd prefer to not have any Gold/Silver Pokemon in this RPG at all...sorry! (But I love Pichu too!!) I'll do my best not to leave you out, Duc!!

    IC: Skye chuckled as Duc's Pikachu scaled the tree. Agile thought it would be fun to join in on the "game" also, and climbed up after it.

    "Hey, wait a minute!" she exclaimed to Agile. "Who gave you permission??"

    "Chu!" Agile smirked, and made a face.

    "I guess I have the same problem, Duc!" Skye chuckled. She turned her attention back to Agile. "Don't make me get your Pokeball out!"

    After that threat, Agile nearly fell out of the tree, had the other Pikachu not caught her arm. She climbed down, and pouted at Skye.

    "Aw, silly," Skye reassured her, "you know I'd never do that to you!"

    Agile stuck out her tongue. Skye picked her up, and Agile climbed to her shoulder.

    " are you going to get your Pikachu down, Duc?" she asked, looking from Duc to Thomas and back again.