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    Well, I'm very bad at doing Set Symbols, as you can see on my EX: Trainers cards (even though I like that one) and I need a Set Symbol for my new, paralel to EX: Trainers, set: EX: Revolutions (which, as the other one, hasn't got a set list defined).

    So, if I need a new symbol, and I'm sure it would be cool to have others for other kinds of sets, why not open a new contest, just to test peoples qualities.

    - datriot
    - Geno
    - M4rtyn

    Each contestant will only many opportunities, though he can change one of his/her symbols any time he/she wants. The contestant will not have to specify if the symbol will be for EX: Revolutions or for another set (or kind of). All the symbol have to fill this prescriptions: Advance HL-on proportions (19x11-13 px), black and white.

    The winner will get a special card made for him (not-request, more than that, 'cause in requests cards can't say take all prizes or stuff) and, if, the symbol is for me, have the symbol on my new cards.

    The contest is over! Here are the results:
    1: Cascade: 1 of them: 10/10 (only-one score)
    2: vulpi: 1 of them: 9/10 (only-one score)
    3: Shinro: 6 of them: 8/10 (medium score)
    4: Sliph: 1 of them: 7,8/10 (only-one score)
    5: Geno: 10 of them: 7,7/10 (medium score)

    PS: I would thank to not post about wil enter soon or what a good idea thingies, 'cause that is kinda SPAM!