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    I also think those are good ideas for set symbols!

    Made in paint, right? Paint is very good for this, 'cause the pixel work of paint is much easier than others.

    Rate for each one:
    - 7/10 a bit odd and and wrong pixelated;
    - 9/10, very well drawn and pixelated, also very usefull in EX: Revolutions;
    - 8,5/10, wierd but good;
    - 9/10, usefull in some sets and stuff and also very good;
    - 8,5/10, wierd but good;
    - 8,5/10, good, also suitable for EX: Revolutions;
    - 7,8/10, wrong pixelated but good drawing;
    - 9/10, like it, very good, suitable for VS sets.

    Final rate: 8/10