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    Okie day then, i've figured it out, for any and all overworld sprites
    This will also come with pictures, so be happy, much less confusion

    First, let's see what the original reflection pics look like.

    Okie dokie then, as you can see, it's upside down, and mirrored(of course )
    but the colors look drained, or rather whiter, and as i'm not sire if anyone's posted this, I figured I may as well try to contribute.

    and please note, i've yet no idea how to do reflections in ANY game maker, so please please don't ask, cause I wanna know the same thing.

    Now then, on to the tutorial

    Supplies needed:
    -At least a sprite of each direction of your character
    -Photoshop(or something similar, as far as i know, iDraw and paint won't do this, i could be wrong)
    -The ability to read and follow directions/instructions

    Okay then, Honeymaid, how do we do this, you may ask, that is if you don't read further, cause then you will know.

    Well first let's see the original character sprites i'm using

    Not the best, but they'll do for the example

    now then, take your sprites, select the BOTTOM 4 rows of pixels
    and fill with whatever color you'd be using for transparencies in your sprite sheet

    Yes, that's my PC screen, be amazed

    Then, go to Image>Adjustments>Brightness & Contrast(keep in mind you must be in RGB mode)

    Now then, use these EXTREMELY simple settings of +80 brightness

    Then, make sure each direction is in a different layer, and flip the Left and Right ones Vertically only and the Up and Down ones Vertically and Horizontally

    Voila, after that, you're finished, but i decided to show you what it would look like as an ingame sprite, not an actual screenshot


    Thank you for reading this, and if this is in the wrong section, I'm sorry, as I'm new

    All comments are welcome