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    Have you ever RPed just anywhere and one guy just took it too far? Post 'em here.

    In a Naruto RP, I play Senzai, a nine tailed fox (Not THE nine tailed fox, A nine tailed fox) who was human but was transformed and banished from the village for reasons held top secret. Someone decided Senzai was a threat and let me know...

    ***: Hmmm
    ***: But you are the nine tail fox huh
    nine_tail_fox_of_thousand_years: Yeah
    ***: I hope you can understand that I will be the one to conquer China and Japan
    ***: I'm Prince Icharann Flowers of Caldiddrea but my aka is Kanu Unchou
    nine_tail_fox_of_thousand_years: ..... that's nice?
    ***: So if I hear that u are destroying my future lands u will have to deal with me
    ***: I have enough enemies right now
    nine_tail_fox_of_thousand_years: I have no intention on destroying places. You're insane o_o
    ***: No
    ***: I know my ambition
    ***: It burns rapid with desire
    nine_tail_fox_of_thousand_years: No dude. You're insane
    ***: I am not
    nine_tail_fox_of_thousand_years: Yes.... you are. Get over yourself

    And it went on like this for a while
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