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    Yessu i thought i'd set up this Club for Misty Fans like me who are yearning for her return >=3 This is a club for Misty fans alike , who want her to come back or otherwise the Writers will face the consequences
    R . U . L . E . S .

    This thread not only needed to talk about wanting Misty to return, but to also talk about the amazing adventure when she was still on the group! There won't be any thing mentioned about May, since we're only talking about Misty and her adventures and talk about her in future appearances, if she does appear once more. If you bring up May, it cannot be a comparison nor mentioning anything about her personally of what you think of her.

    You can join, whether you're a Pokeshipper, or an Egoshipper, or a Gymshipper, etc, or not even a shipper ! ^-^ So have a awesome time in this club!
    We can talk about ships involving Misty here , although it can become a comparison thing and turn into a squabble so lets keep it down abit If someone asked , for example what do you think Ash feels about Misty not being around anymore ect. , then well we can discuss it but its better to set up a AAML Club if we are going to talk about that too much ;

    If you have a Banner you want to add to the Club , please send it in a PM to me Thankies !


    The Club Banners:

    None ;


    If you want to join just knock on the Club Door and ask if you can join alond with which of Misty's Pokemon you want to choose ! =)














    - Gyrados


    Mkay , yup thats it so Welcome to the Club ! ;D

    --- Why i left PC ---

    Originally Posted by Chairman Kaga's sig
    << left PC and PROUD OF IT >>

    I've come to my senses--PC makes me absolutely sick, I hate it. No, this isn't an attention-grab like some morons say it is, it's my stand against the degredation of this once-great place. It's clear to me that PC has been absolutely ruined, and I'll never be back. I'd like to thank the few of you who stand with me, especially people like Silent Tattsu and Frostweaver, as they have given me the strength to rise above this place. I need to get on with my life, especially after some of you have perverted and absolutely obliterated the old PC spirit. I'm not welcome here, and if I may say so, I don't care to be here. Just you wait, and PC will be dead. Not the forums themselves, as, at length, was stated in another topic, but the spirit of PC, more important than any individual member or group of members. It's fading fast, and I won't be around when it disappears, leaving an empty shell of a forum filled with members who delight in this new, ruinous order. So I have chosen to be brave and leave, even if it is unpopular or considered un-PC-ish. Well, as far as I'm concerned, I'm about as anti-PC as anyone can get right about now.
    Nuff said. I don't need to explain, Kaga says it all. Please don't PM me, since i won't be here to check them. And while your at it stop giving Kaga bad rep points for his sig. One word i-m-m-a-t-u-r-e.